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10 days 10 recipes: challenge

Updated: Jan 22, 2022

Do u hate as mush as me when it overflows with ONE particular product in the kitchen drawer. There has been a great deal once upon a time, but you simply can not eat that product in the same boring way one more time without your tongue falling off, and you are almost willing to spend hundreds of dollars on take out, even if the whole concept of buying that thing cheaper falls to the ground? YES? Then we have it in exactly the same way!

I have now gathered together a great amount of rice, pasta, tomatoes, eggs, butter and a lot of other dry food, which is waiting in excitement to get used by me... you can think twice if u think I will eat boring cooked rice 10 days in a row. I want to challenge my kitchen skills and make a new dish every day, where rice will be the main component. Besides being the ingredient that dominates, I will have free play, and maybe get a few other recipes tossed in here and there

I look forward as a little kid to getting started!

First challenge: what should I do? ...

- Milla

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